Testies testies.... ONE, TWO... THREE??? Ok, Well this site is up and running, so i Thought i should change the front page...An animated intro is comming soon...

Misc Pics

The A-kon 15 video is now available in the videos section!

A-kon 15 pics now up in Misc. Pics section!!!

I have some pics of boardies posted here, since the A-kon Board only allows remote linking of pictues, and most people don't have a place to host a pic that allows remote linking... Im also including interesting info about each boardie, interesting video clips with which to entertain yourself, and now, a MESSAGE BOARD AND CHAT ROOM!! WOO HOO. C'mon everyone, post on it like it was the akon board! If you want me to put a pic up here of you, feel free to email me...

Please sign the guest book, its ammusing to me...Remember if you are a boardie, include your SN...All Your Base!

New Poll Up!!

So anyway, for those of you that might get tired of the akon board every once in a while, try the Mini-Board, or the Boardie Chat room. Im not trying to steal the thunder of the actual board, just trying to bring the community closer together. Please take some time to post or chat, and make these things worthwhile. Ill be your best friend!

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